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Opportunity Knocking

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Life… It's a funny thing. Most people are either content with where they are, or trying to break down different barriers in order to get to where they eventually hope to be. It's with this in mind that I wanted to write today’s blog, as it's important to remember that while attempting to claw one's way to the top (and open as many doors as we can along the way), it's often easy to miss some of the windows of opportunity that come to us while doing so - purely due to the fact that we're just too focused on our end goal (whatever that may be).

Recently, I was in the studio with a great band recording their debut album. I was hired to record a few guitar parts on the record and was itching to have a go on the drum kit that had been rented for the drummer to use on the session. As I wasn't that close with the band on a personal level, I decided that I’d act professionally and simply track my guitar parts and be on my way.

During the recording process, a few comments were made that made me think that the band weren't completely happy with their drummer (or the parts that he was playing), but again by trying to remain as ‘professional’ as possible, I kept the idea that I might be able to do what they wanted 'drum part wise' in a better way than this other chap to myself. No one wants to be 'that guy', especially when it's not even your own band, (have some class).

While on quick a break from the actual recording process one day, I thought I'd have a quick play on the drums before we hit record again, but not knowing me, the drum tech that had been hired with the rented kit didn't think it was a good idea and so, for a third time during the session I (again) decided to remain professional and this time even convinced myself that I didn't need to play the drums at all and proceeded to head back to control room with my guitar.

Anyway, fast forward a few months and as suspected - the band seem to have released their drummer and hired a new guy to fill his position. They signed a massive label deal and even have some amazing dates booked on their new tour, with support and co-headlining slots with some of my favorite bands.

Now, while I'm super happy for them (they were terrific guys), mentally I can't help but think that perhaps had I made sure that they had the chance to see the kind of drummer I am and what I could do on the drums within their specific genre, that maybe when the decision came to replace the above mentioned drummer that I might have been considered as a potential replacement.

That’s not to say I would've even made the grade, but I might have and not knowing and wondering ‘what if, is sometimes even worse than not knowing completely, simply because we didn't take the chance.

So, while I do believe that upholding professional standards (no matter what field you’re in) should always be your number one priority, the above lesson has taught me that it’s also very important that we trust our instincts and take advantage of the moments we're in when we’re in them, as we might miss out on opportunities that are sometimes right in front of us. After all, sometimes opportunity doesn't knock on the door, it lightly taps on a window. All we need to do is be open thinking enough to answer it. @MusiciansMentorPics

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